Alice J. Fritz

Alice J. Fritz presents another novel. Her first book was Unexpected Treasures, published July 2012. Her second book was The Legend of the Cliffs, in print May 2013.

It is a joy to write these books, God has blessed me so much. So many times the inspiration for these stories, names, places, and events come to me at night when I can’t sleep. It’s just so amazing to me how everything comes about and before I know it I have a story written.

Alice and her husband, Richard, live in the country outside the town of Smithsburg, Md. where they have resided for fifty plus years. Alice enjoys quilting, reading, and of course writing stories.

Titles Available from Alice J. Fritz

When young love falls apart due to other interests it’s always more painful for one person than the other. Brianna wanted to see the world and have a career before settling down to married life. Being out in the world she fell in love, and married someone else. Fifty years later the dreams began, but she had no idea that they were connected to her first love. Her life is turned upside-down and the direction she is about to go is so unexpected. Brianna discovers that a first love never really goes away; it’s stored in a long for gotten chamber of the heart.
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