Alexandra Adams

A long-time resident of Wyoming, Alexandra Adams loves the sagebrush deserts, the picturesque ranchland and the towering mountain peaks she can see from the windows of her home.  Happily married for many years to a man who is friend, soul mate and lover as well as husband, she lives a rather secluded life devoted chiefly, these days, to creating works of romantic fiction.
An admirer of classical erotica, Alexandra Adams most emphatically believes that no social stigma ought to attach to the reading, writing, or publication of well-crafted literary works that celebrate sensual pleasure.  Her erotic novels target mature, sophisticated, uninhibited readers who frankly enjoy character-driven narratives featuring explicitly sensual scenes.  An author who writes passionately and evocatively of adventurous lovers, she consistently strives to fire the imagination and liberate the sensualist living within each of her readers.
From February of 2000 to November of 2006, Ms. Adams sold downloads of four of her erotic novels from the Web site she owns and operates:  Doubleday’s Venus Book Club published two of those works, offering to the Club’s members hardbound editions of Gabrielle’s Awakening in November of 2001, and Evolution of an Affair in September of 2002.  In November of 2006, Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. acquired the digital rights to the four erotic novels she formerly sold from her Web site.  The other three novels will be published at DDP in 2007.

Titles Available from Alexandra Adams

Will Astur’s candor and courage defuse Rohan’s wrath? Will the caravan-riders avoid being massacred by the savage horde of murderous Hattenai tribesmen bent on seizing their goods?

Gabrielle, an affectionate but sexually inexperienced author/historian, turns for emotional support to her late husband’s closest friend, a courtly cosmopolite who radiates masculine appeal. When Michael reveals that he desires a slave willing to exist solely for his pleasure, his shocking invitation resonates on some gut level within the woman married for fourteen years to a man afflicted by periodic bouts of impotence.

Determined to annihilate Gabrielle’s will without breaking her spirit, the master of erotic art conditions Gabrielle not only to submit and obey, but also to crave the pain he combines with intense, breathtakingly erotic stimulation, so as to lift her to astonishing heights of ecstasy.

Just as she rejoices in having learned how to please him, a magnetically appealing stranger enters her life as Michael’s guest. A fellow member of the Order of the Black Lily, Raoul levies a bold demand that Michael considers himself obligated to grant.
Which virile, dominant lover will win Gabrielle’s permanent favor: Raoul, who fascinates her, or Michael, who she knows loves her?

A self-reliant Westerner meets an intriguing stranger who radiates an aura of danger. Seduced into becoming Julian’s mistress, Mercedes discovers that he intuitively divines her need for pain inflicted by an expert master. Sensing that Julian understands her as no one ever has, cognizant that this sometimes cruel partner reaches depths in her nature hitherto never plumbed, she learns to place an astonishing degree of trust in a man who relentlessly increases the demands he makes while raising her to unprecedented heights of pleasure.

Julian develops an irresistible urge to bring his not-fully-initiated partner as his guest, when he attends the yearly gathering of his fellow members of the Order of the Black Lily. Knowing what he risks, he conducts a short but rigorous initiation, employing electronic devices engineered by his brother Michael, and techniques identical to those favored by his brother.

Will Julian avoid suffering the disgrace sure to ensue should Mercedes rebel in the presence of his peers? Will his independent-minded lover consent to participate in the rituals unique to the Order?

Manuel González meets an intriguing divorcée when his vehicle collides with a moose. Invited to take shelter from a blizzard by Alison Haldane, a self-reliant ranchwoman, Manuel performs a service that his hostess regards as the saving of her life. Impressed by this personable, courageous ranchwoman, Manuel frankly admits that he is a member of the Order of the Black Lily, and explains the special nature of his tastes in sensual pleasure. The two mature sensualists enter a sexual relationship that soon grows deeply satisfying to both.

Having accepted her lover’s invitation to live with him while he and his partner, Hector MacFarlane, sell their business, Alison grows ever more fascinated by Hector’s personality, even as Manuel conducts an abbreviated initiation of a most promising probationer into the erotic arts practiced by members of the Order.

Will the desire that flares between Hector and Alison fatally complicate Manuel’s relationship with his friend and fellow master, and with the woman he regards as a treasure bestowed on him by capricious Fate?

Ariane, a Wallachian Healer forced to tend an ailing Turk, becomes enslaved when the vassals of the four noble brothers who rule the Dark Citadel storm the Turk’s stronghold. Lord Stephen purchases the virginal Healer, and consigns her to the care of two trainers themselves slaves. Her coldly proud owner makes use of Radu’s and Antony’s extraordinary ability to tame a rebellious new concubine, and turn her into a marvelously responsive sexual partner primed to satisfy her lustful owner.

A gifted leader, Radu forges strong ties of love that bind Antony, Ariane and himself, so as to insure their survival. During the storming of the Dark Citadel by a traitorous vassal, Radu, Antony, and Ariane escape, bearing their wounded owner with them. Having forced Stephen to open the gate of the secret exit, they flee to the one place where Ariane knows they can live safely: the Keep of the Unburied Dead, an abandoned stronghold shunned by the superstitious populace. With the help of the two bosom companions whom he loves, Radu first captures, and then recruits, a rag-tag group of noble outcasts, whose liege lord and all of his followers died in battle. When Lord Gregory’s army appears under his walls, Radu boldly negotiates a truce. When a band of unemployed mercenaries attacks the Keep of the Unburied Dead, Radu utilizes all of his formidable military skill, and all of his native craftiness, during the ensuing battle.

Radu, Antony and Ariane unfailingly display cool daring, admirable resourcefulness, and whole-hearted acceptance of Radu’s unrelenting insistence that not only love, but strong ties of honor bind them inseparably to each other.

When Wyoming ranchwoman Ashley Russell sees a human-appearing man step out of a shimmering atmospheric anomaly in her horse pasture, and learns that he is a defenseless, courageous, but terror-stricken android who accidentally traveled four hundred years back in time in an escape pod released by a doomed military space ship, she offers to conceal his nature, and let him live in her home, purely out of the kindness so deeply a part of her. Belatedly, she discovers that not only is the manufactured person to whom she gives the name Jason Jones capable of sexual intercourse, he also sees the sixty-year-old widow as attractive. Ashley takes Jason as her lover.
Rupert, Prince of Estravia, besieges the capital of Fernoye, and weds Princess Rohais, who agrees to marry Rupert solely to prevent bloodshed. When the pair belatedly discovers that each holds a mistaken view of the other, both spouses come to enjoy hotly sensual, exceedingly passionate bouts of lovemaking. Because Rupert fears that this Princess raised by two cynical Princes doesn’t believe in romantic love, and Rohais assumes that Rupert regards love as an illusion harbored by silly women, neither will admit to loving the other ardently.
A chance encounter between Cassidy Maxwell, a personable, serenely self-sufficient widow seeking a new life in a warmer part of the country, and a grizzled rancher who advises her to take a pasear through a unique community in the Southwest called the Valley, leads to Cassidy’s buying a house there. Her new home comes with the benefit of having fascinating neighbors, including four single, highly individualistic men: two virile martial artists, a shy but likeable builder, and a handsome, debonair, talented architect. Eventually, the widow not only achieves unlooked-for happiness in an unconventional personal relationship, she also proves the means of enabling two close male friends to overcome dire problems in their own lives.
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