Alex Domokos

Alexander (Sandor) Domokos was born in Szabadaka, Yugoslavia in 1921. The family fled to Hungary as refugees that same year.

Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of short stories, plays, novels, essays and poems, as well as an accomplished sculptor. His works have been part of several Anthologies of Canadian-Hungarian authors and have been published in the Purdue University fine arts annual "Skylark", The Douglas College Review, and Canadian Fiction Magazine.

He currently has several books in publication in his native Hungary, and three electronically published novels. His World War II memoir, "The Price of Freedom", has been published as an audio book. "Body Traffic", a print novel, was short-listed for the Margaret Laurence Book Award.

He retired from the University of Manitoba in 1986, and lives with his wife and daughter in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Titles Available from Alex Domokos

Prostitution, biker gangs and a corrupt forensic lab are at the heart of criminal activity in Winnipeg, Stan Bolenko’s old home town. When his cover is blown in Vancouver, he returns to the city to investigate potential criminal activity in the forensic lab. He has no idea the trail will take him deep into the dirty dealings of some of the city’s highly respected citizens. Stan is unwitting lead into the shadowy world of a criminal kingpin by beautiful Sonja Slepsik, a woman sold into the sex trade by her brother and desperate to avoid a life of prostitution.
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