Abbas Daya

Titles Available from Abbas Daya

Vogel is a spy and agent for the Teutonic Order who spends his time chasing down villains and indulging his love for good beer.

Life is good and uncomplicated.

Or so he thought until he’s dragged to stand before the Bishop of Rittershafen and the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and tasked with hunting down the murderer of two of the Church’s priests.

Oh yeah, the supernatural may be involved, so the clergy provide him with the necessary muscle. Enter Stefan von Stern, a huge Teutonic Templar, and Alex von Plauen, a member of the martial-mystic Sword Brethren Order.

Together, the trio storm through the city of Rittershafen until they come face to face with the nightmarish and frightening power of sorcery and by the end Vogel is going to make strange and powerful new friends but most of all he is going to have the adventure of his life. And he is going to love it!
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