AP Miller

We are the husband and wife writing team of AP Miller. We live in sunny and mostly warm Las Vegas, Nevada with our two dogs and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Patti has been a long time published author since 1989. Her very first trilogy, "Thief of Hearts" was published with a small press in NYC. The company was purchased by a larger one, and the series was forced to sit back on her shelf collecting dust. The series will make its debut shortly.

She has a twenty-eight year background in fiction and script writing, newspaper and magazine writing as well as publishing, which has enabled her and her husband to become the prolific bestselling authors they are today. Currently she is a co-producer working on a vampire movie script in conjunction with Riwayat Films. Patti is also the Director of Acquisitions at XoXo Publishing.

Andrew has been actively writing since he was twelve years old, and has been writing stories that are worth reading, instead of simply using for toilet paper, since he was nineteen. His beliefs about equality, libertarianism, and personal potential lend his works direction and provide endings that often differ quite markedly from the formulas seen in most other literary works. Andrew has studied and experienced a wide range of pursuits, ranging from courses in emergency medical procedures to several decades of training in martial arts styles from around the globe, to baking and sushi making. He is currently an amateur mui thai kick boxer who is hoping to go professional (in the ring or in the NHB cage, depending), and thinks boots were made for walking...unless they’re high-heeled boots worn by statuesque dommes.

Titles Available from AP Miller

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