A. Michael Schwarz

A. Michael Schwarz lives in some impoverished artists community in L.A., where he writes stories and nightmares designed to entertain and fascinate. When he is not writing he is usually reading, unless his cats decide to wreak havoc with his sanity or when the garden grows out of bounds. He realized that he’d become “one of them” when he began an eBay auction duel for a Dr. Who scarf in preparation for an upcoming fan convention.

He began writing at the age of twelve and became a professional dilettante dabbler until a couple of years ago when he decided it was time to get really serious, at which point he began writing anything that came into his silly, messed up head.

He does not claim fame, because he does not have any and has not given up on it just yet. His biggest ambition in life is to write more stories, of which, plenty haunt, beguile, entertain and frighten him on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. He has published two short stories in the last year with the promise of many more to come.

Titles Available from A. Michael Schwarz

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